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Reply To: 3G-2G Handover Scenarios


For Chris.

“It’s clearly a lot of cheaper to build voice capacity with WCDMA than with GSM.”

WCDMA is not a addon or a patch! I think so. You have to format the whole system. Look….

1.You have to change the BTS with Node-B.

2. You have to change the BSC with RNC.

3. You have to change the MSC with MGW/Server.

4. You have to change the handset of customer.

Then what is left??? Everything has been changed.

So, don’t you think they have brought a NEW NETWORK altogether. And justification for introducing this NEW NETWORK is not the speech
but data. High Data rates???
And if they finally start using this NEW NETWORK for speech then what is the fun? More over by doing this they have reached the heights of complex networks. I don’t like the idea or may be i am still not aware of the real picture.

Tell me one thing …An operator presently running a 2G/2.5G network applies for a CDMA2000 license and get it. He starts a NEW NETWORK on CDMA2000 technology
and he shares the same mast, media, power , space resources of the 2G/2.5G network. And he introduces a convergent billing system. I mean a single bill for all services.

Then what is the difference in former and latter NEW NETWORK.