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Reply To: Do we have MSISDN in SIM card


There is alot written about this and below are just some observations.

EFMSISDN (7F106F40) is an “OPTIONAL” elementary file under DFTelecom (7F10) directory in SIM.

It is practical from a user’s perspective to look up using MS own number and those for fax and data. A user can delete or input any alpha-numeric data the user wants in this EF. A service provider uses it to link with IMSI when supplying MS to customer.

In SIM, the SIM Service Table (7F206F38) is a “MANDATORY” elementary file for DFGSM directory. Service no.9 is MSISDN. If EFMSISDN is allocated and activated the ME can read the file for the purposes of dialling numbers. To do that it needs to work with “shared” data when permitted, using EFCCP Capability Configuration Parameters (7F106F3D) in DFTelecom directory. This may also require the ME to read EFEXT1 Extention (7F106F4A) if the length of dialling digits are longer than defined for each file in EFMSISDN.

There is alot more – see GSM11.11 Subscriber identity module.

Also you may want to look at these standards below, which lead to other standard for MAP, HLR, VLR, SMS, billing

GSM 02.81 Line identification supplementary services
GSM 03.02 Network Architecture
GSM 03.12 Location registration procedures
GSM 12.02 Subscriber, Mobile Equipment and services data administration

As for provisioning question – if it relates to radio side provisioning I do not know how it would impact in this area as IMSI is transmitted and the network uses registers to determine MSISDN.