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Reply To: RX_lev_min



I can see some confusion.. there is a difference between “rxlev access min” and “rxlev min”.

rxlev_min = 96dBm means that the cell will accept incoming HO only if the incoming MS measures it with more than -96dBm.

During the candidate cell evaluation, the HO is possible towards the neighbor n1 only if :

RXLEV ACCESS MIN is the limit under which a BTS will not decode an incoming CHANNEL REQUEST

“Reduce the coverage of the cell” is not really precise : if rxlev min is reduced, then it means the cell is less likely to receive an incoming HO.
If rxlev access min is reduced, then the area in which a call setup is allowed is decreased, yes. But if a call is starting at -65dBm, and decreases below the RXLEV ACCESS MIN, it is not rejected. So the cell coverage is as big as possible IF the call is alread setup.