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Pix, thanks for reply.but still iam not able to are saying that ” 8 different users can be served at the same time on the same time slot”.
Let us assume i need a channel(signaling) for some xyz purpose from network. I request for it and he(network) assigns am told a frequency+TDMA frame+Time slot.After that i will use this TS for completing my need(it may be LA or SMS or getting a TCH).Now forgetting about the TCH part let us concentrate on the SDCCH part.Back to
SDCCH…i am allocated a TS…i will send my signaling on this TS …but i have got only .577ms to do this….after that i have to weight for 4.615ms….again i will
send my signaling for .577ms…an d so on….in the end i will release it ie TS.either my work is completed or an TCH may have been allocated…..This is my picture of SDCCH.

But iam not able to understand how
can it be at the same time.8 MS cannot used a SDCCH at the same time.