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paraHO, there is no RXQUAL in idle mode. Cell SELECTION works only in IDLE MODE.

MKT, CELL SELECTION is a process performed only at MS “Switch On”. All other cell selections are called “CELL RESELECTION”.

For cell selection : RXLEV_ACCESS_MIN and MS_TXPWR_MAX_CCH are the parameters that define which CELL will be selected. The RxLev is the ONLY measurement which is performed.

For cell reselection, it is the same, with on top of that the CELL RESELECT OFFSET and CELL RESELECT HYSTERESIS (if different LAC).

In your situation, I assume you’re talking about the cell REselection. Then check that all rxlevaccessmin and ms txpwr max cch are the same on all cells, and put cell reselect offset to zero on all cells.

in this situation, the cell with highest RXLEV will be reselected.
if you want to force reselection on cell with lower RXLEV, increase the cell reselect offset on the cell you want to “favor”.