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Reply To: Microcell Antenna Heigth


Hello Abdel,

Regarding the microcell parameters, it’s another problem. We can talk about this later.

The “742 215 1800MHz” is a standard 18dBi, H 65° and V 7° antenna, right ? Isn’t it too tall to install on your current site ? Check if it is possible.

Can you use it for a microcell ? yes, i guess, but that’s a wild shot.
So let’s see.

– Does it have electrical tilt ?
If no –> forget about it

– What are the average height of buildings surrounding the site (are they above the antenna height, or below ? From the top of the site, can you have a panoramic view, or do you have obstacles ?)

If you can have a elec tilt of 12 or 14°, then do it. The EIRP of the sector would be :
46.5 + 18 – 4 (losses) = 60.5dBm
A typical microcell is 7W = 38.45dBm + antenna of 5dBm, so EIRP = 43.45dBm.

Because you’re very high, you can initially decrease the EIRP to 38.5dBm ( = BTS TX attenuation of -22dB, it’s a parameter in OMC-R)

Then adjust this parameter in order to take more or less traffic.
Note : Maximum value for attenuation should be around 30dB (depends on your vendor)

I’ve heard so many complaints about the “ability” of the consultants from AIRCOM, it’s a wonder they are still a reference when it comes to telecom consultancy.

I live in france, working for alcatel.