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Reply To: Microcell Antenna Heigth


Hi friends
I’m sorry to disturb your dialog… :-).
I’ll express my self this way:
the perfect micro cell – a DCS, micro BTS (4 or 8 W), integrated antenna, 4 m high, a hot spot area, a micro cell parameter set;
the most terrible micro cell – a tower 40 m in the middle of the desert, GSM macro BTS 40 W…
So what we got:
DCS or GSM – I think DCS is better but doesnt mean GSM doesnt work;
12 m high – tilt compensation;
macro BTS – reduce the power to 8 W;
antenna – my opinion is to choose a closer to the integrated antenna characteristics;
a hot spot – you got it;
a micro cell parameter set – you should got it;
I’m agree with Pix, the tilt will be tuned impericaly… but at the beginning it should be = arctg(h/l) ( h=12,l=100 ) something like 6 deg … i think.
Finaly I realy dont understand why you want to limit the overlapping…
Anyway you will decrease the load of the macro cells which is you general objective.
All overwritten is my personal opinion.
I hope I was useful to you.

Good look.