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Reply To: handvover delay_ zte bss


hi pix

sorry , i couldn’t get the equation u asked for ….!

instead we did some power control parameter changes namely :

1. In power survey parameter:
sample count for Pc UL lev , Pc DL lev, Pc UL qual , Pc DL qual was changed from 6 to 4 and the corresponding weight is 2 only (pervious value )

2.Power adjustment threshold parameter

The N(n) values changed from 4 to 3 adn P(n)values from 3 to 2

the following thresholds were changed :

increase UL level 22 to 24
increase DL level 26 to 28
decrease UL level 30 to 34
decrease DL level 34 to 38
increase UL qual 2 to 3
increase DL qual 2 to 3
decrease UL qual 0 to 1
decrease DL qual 0 to 1

this increase and decrease is for Power inc or dec

3. In handover control parameters the following thresholds were changed :

HO UL level 15 to 22
HO Dl level 15 to 25
HO UL qual 4 to 3
HO DL qual 4 to 3

In addition to it we enabled on fast averaging parameter .

Now there is an improvement in the handover delay . Now there is no drag as earlier .