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Reply To: handvover delay_ zte bss


hi pix

how r u?
here I am !

to dear aso and rami as well:

power budget handovers are allowed only

i have my network in GSM 900 only. There is no other band. But a few sites are co- located with CDMA sites. I know that CDMA downlink will interfere with GSM uplink , but ….. could this be the sole reason for the delay . The delay happens even when the site is not co-located with the CDMA site.

Cell type is : macro-cellular for all the sites.
Cell layer for serving and target both : Same layer of the home cell
( the other options in the NCellLayer are : upper layer of home cell and lower layer of home cell and the last one is udefined )

You are quite correct about the Qos that…. may be the target cell is highly congested or loaded but it is not a sector specifc problem …….. its random and occurs anywhere .

the drive test part is yet to be checked with your suggestion . I will revert back after i get it done.

i have a doubt about the corresponding power control parameters’ settings …….. if u wanna have a look i will send them in next thread.