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Reply To: handvover delay_ zte bss


hi all
apologies to be late !

dear aso
the handover priority is the standard one ,,,,, i.e
1. quality / interference
2. Rx level
3. TA ( distance )
4. PBGT handover

Can I change the priority ….. I don’t know ??….. pls suggest

dear arpan
i changed the bts preprocessing from 4 to 2 ( with sample count being 2 only )…….. there was an improvment in the handover but the no: of handovers increased by 40 to 50 percent ….. and the overall Handover success rate got degraded.
if changed to 0 it will create havoc ….in the field .

dear gito
i will check the hcs parameter ..
hcs means ( hierarchy cell structure …… i suppose and the corresponding priority )

i would be thankful if u could pls elaborate it a little bit more….. like how does it affect the network…. i don’t have dual band network… is only 900 GSM