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Reply To: Interference on Idle TCH


Hi pix,
thanks for your reply.the first one is ok.
i want to check UL intereference from oss. our bss is nokia.i have oss reports that tell me hopping TRXs have intereference (Report 196). you told me the BTS listens to the noise during this timeslots but in which bandwidth? bts have filters, i don’t know the bandwidth of these filters for detecting the level of noise. measuring the level of noise is in 200khz that we define for trx or in whole MA list BW?

I think BTS listens in BW of all MA list frequencies for each idle time slots and then averages the interference for that time slot. for example if MA list be 84 to 100, BTS listen to frequncy 84 and measures the level of signal in this band then listen to frequency 85 and calculate the level of signal in this freq. band and so on. is it right?