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Reply To: Huawei BSC


Large capacity, high integration
Supporting 2048TRX at the full rate; supporting 1024TRX at the half rate
Maximum of traffic: 12,000 Erl; BHCA : 2,340,000;
Full-configuration subscriber: 600 000
In case of using the E1 interface board, a maximum of the system is four racks
In case of using the STM-1 interface board, a maximum of the system is three racks
Low cost, low power consumption
256TRX power consumption (including GTCS ) :
1640W (A interface in E1 mode)
1570W (A interface in STM-1 mode)
2048TRX power consumption (including GTCS) :
6920W (A interface in E1 mode)
5620W (A interface in STM-1 mode)
Flexible configuration
Supporting multiple types of networking between BSCs and BTSs
Service-oriented hardware configuration
Multiple clock sources