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Reply To: one side audibility in GSM


Thanks, dears. I can’t find words to say about my respect of your professionalism and your good will to help.

Here is an additional info about the problem.

A subscriber is located in high density urban deep indoor area.
When he(she) calls he(she) sometimes hears silence, sometimes the voice disapears, after few seconds he(she) hears everything, but the calls sometimes drop.
Each call is with bad quality.

I saw the statistics of cell where calls were dropped.
It seems like neither interference no any bad TRX. I’m sure the problem is probably because of the lack of signal strenght DL and UL.

Or I have CIC definition problem or routing issue at NSS side.

Dear pix, can you please describe slightly more fully what does it mean “CIC definition problem or routing issue at NSS side”?
What is the easiest way to identify these problems?