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Reply To: Drop distribution (LOWSSDL/UL, BADQDL/UL


ok, i understand now, thanks for taking the time to explain.

i’m working with alcatel systems.

let’s recap : you have two thresholds : LOWSSDL and LOWSSUL. If the RXLEV DL is below the hreshold and there is a call drop, then the call drop is considered as due to Low SS in DL ?

And if the RLEV is higher, then it is considered as a quality drop ?

In this case, to have a real picture, you could use -98 in DL, -106 in UL in rural areas. And perhaps -93 in DL, -103 in UL in urban areas. As a starting point… then by doing drive tests, you can know whether at those levels you’re having level issues or quality issues.