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Reply To: Hand Over Issues


Hi All,
Thanx Ajay , Thanx Pix
Pix: the poor HOSR we are facing in only few cells which are specially stand alone sites.
One more dought which have , i would like to discusse here say if i have a stand alone site with same pwr, same antenna type and height in all 3 sectors now if a sectore is having 4 deg tilt and other has 2 deg tilt. now of course 2 tilt sectore will serve more area then 4 deg now suppose some moving 2 deg tilt sectore to 4 deg sector from very far end then when he will reach in 4 deg tilt sector then he will get less level due to more tilt then in this case HOSR will poor or this will not affact HOSR…..same by diff antenna height.