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Reply To: optimization


MC8A is not very reliable, but I never studied it very deeply. I don’t know the details… Heads up ! In B10 some additional counters for RACH and PCH are going to be introduced 🙂

Let’s go back the the GoS : for each logical channel, you must define a GoS :
0.5 % for SDCCH
2 % for TCH
0.1% for RACH
0.1% for PCH etc.

For RACH and PCH, in alcatel, as said above, counters are not reliable until B10.

TNS, in alcatel, in B10, only 2 timeslots can be defined as CCCH. The first one is the BCCH (TS0 of TRX1), and optionally the second is the CCCH (always on TS2 of TRX0).
More than that is not allowed yet, but we’re pretty sure that’s going to be plenty enough.