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Reply To: optimization

wise Amin man Fauzan

Antenna hopping has already delivered on our vendor. It is diversity technique for DL path, namely Tx Diversity.
Downlink performance is limited by multipath fading and interference “holes”. Using frequency hopping can only partly compensate for that limitation.
By combining Frequency and Antenna Hopping the multipath fading can be significantly reduced.
The peformance improvement is dependent on (multiplication of)
# of frequencies and antenna locations;
# frequency and antenna combinations.
It requires two trasnceiver module to handle single TRX funtionality.
Up to 3 dB gain by hopping on two uncorrelated antennas for low speed terminals in urban environment, even higher gain for quasi static mobiles and indoor coverage by outdoor BTS.
Keep bear in our mind that normal radio design is limited by capability of equipment being used when we’re calculating the link budget which is normally higher path loss occured on the UL since power transmitted by the MS lower than BTS.
In case you enhance DL gain using Antenna hopping you have to compensate the UL gain.
In Karthi case, i assume that that it was frequency hopping since activation of antenna hopping is requires quite alot of effort.