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Reply To: Paging Success Rate


Hi Karan
8.RAEPP gives the BSC parameters.
1.BTDM is the Base time duration in minutes.The base time must be as long as the longest periodic location updating time in the interworking BSC’s.
2.GTDM is the Guard time duration in minutes.The guard time is used to prevent unnecessary marking of MS implicit detached, for example if the system clocks are not
synchronized in the MS and in the MSC/VLR.
3.TDD is the MT automatic deregistration supervision time duration.
4.PAGNUMBERLA is the Number of location areas in paging message.This parameter indicates the maximum permitted amount of location areas that can be included in a paging message.A parameter with a value > 1 is only valid if all BSCs connected to an MSC/VLR Server support a paging message with a list of location areas.