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Reply To: loading factor


>>> Naren,

In 1X1, you must still plan your BCCH frequencies.

You must take into consideration cells that belongs to different layers though. In 1×1 on the macro layer, cells in other layers might use different MA list.

And finally, with 15 frequencies in 1×1, your max rf load should be 10%, to ensure a good quality. Since RF LOAD = nb TRX per cell / nb FREQ, then :
nb TRX per cell = 15 x 10% = 1.5.
Meaning that you should keep an average of 1 bcch TRX + 1.5 tch TRX per cell. That is about 7 TRX per 3-sectors site.

If you accept a poorer quality, you can increase the rf load up to 16.5%, which allows you to use 2.4 tch TRX/cell. Plus the BCCH TRX, that gives you 3.4 TRX/cell.

>>> Bhanu,

An optimization can lead to 100% of RF load with acceptable voice quality ? The only possibility to reach 100% rf load is to avoid overlap between two cells, isn’t it ? I really don’t understand how it is possible to get such a value… it would mean that the probability of interference is huge !!

I’m really curious about this…