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Reply To: EDAP


EDAP or GPRS speed

Here ur question ask something diff while ur intension of asking question is diff. actually u want to ask what is the bit rate of GPRS between MS and BTS means wht exactly we get the speed out of mobile when we use internet connection.
For EDAP speed the timeslot we r assigning is the actual speed like, we are using 3 timeframe so it’s ABIS speed will be 192Kbps, so this is the ABIS speed not the Um speed, Um speed is maximum of 230Kbps but the EDAP is only 192Kbps n is divided into the all users using GPRS connection at a time, so in average i get 10-20Kbps in practical at my Nokia 3110c Modem so u can also calculate this. one thing to remember that not go to the Modem speed which shows u the 460Kbps or 115 Kbps whatever.

One thing to be noted that EDAP in ABIS allocation consumes 1 time frame of minimum n hence u can calculate the speed out of it.

we all know 1 timeframe’s speed is 64Kbps (that is 4 time slots)

n hence wht we use, if it is 2 time frame then EDAP’s speed will be 64*2=128Kbps
and similarily this goes on.

perfect ans for Speed of EDAP
If someone ask in interview the same question, the proper answer is.

It is the multiple of 64Kbps..