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Reply To: Handover


Turd > could you read the system information 5, 5bis (on BCCH, in idle mode) and 2, 2bis (on SACCH, in dedicated mode) in TEMS ? You can see them in layer 3 messages.

You should see the list of all neighbor BCCH that shall be measured by the MS.

If you see some BCCH are missing, you should double-check your adjacencies definition in OMC-R. If it was correct (good neighbours definition), then you must assume your BSC is going crazy (database corrupted).

If BCCH are well defined in the SI msg, then check the content of the MEASUREMENT REPORT. The 6 strongest BCCH shall be reported. Do you see the “BCCH index” of the metrosite for instance? At which RXLEV ?

I’m just giving you some leads, hopefully you’ll find something useful in there 🙂