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Reply To: MAIO


Hi Pix,

The problem occurs on all cells impacted by the freq plan to FHS.

– You were right, HO cause DLQ and ULQ also increase, the thing is that we modify the threashold HOqual from 2.9 to 3.9 so it’s back to normal.

– HO cause DL-level and UL-level increased as well (multiply by two).

– HO cause Better cell is the worst (2500 -> 4000/day). We set anti PP to 5 secondes and handicap to 15db but with no effect.

Path_balance_avg for cell 2 is between 3.25 and 4, and for cell 1 it is more or less 1.1.

– TRX_ass_efficiency is still very good thus it seems not to be related to the TRX.

– Noisy calls due to UL interference is stable but due to DL interference increase.

– Noisy call DL and UL due bad coverage also increase by 3.

– RxQual distrib is still good, unfortunatly there is no history in RMS data.

Thank you and BR,