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Reply To: MAIO



But even if the MA list contains adj. frequencies (ie. 50,51,52,53,54,55,56,…,70)

The HSN will order those frequencies in a pseudo random order, so that the ordered list of frequencies might look like:
two consecutive frequencies are not adjacent (they could be, but rarely).

But all recommendations I have read say that MAIO shall be spaced by 2, even in this example. IMO, whether it is spaced by 1 or by 2 doesn’t change anything.

mmm… actually, it does: if MAIO are consecutive, then it means that one frequency will be used consecutively by all TRX of the cell. For instance, 12 TRX, Maio=0,1,2,3…11. The frequency #11 in te MA list will be used by all TRX in a row, during 12 consecutive TDMA frame.

whereas a spacing of 2 MAIO means that one frequency will be used during 1 TDMA out of 2. In previous example, f11 will be used during 12 alternate TDMA out of 24.

I don’t know if it makes sense? 🙂 Am I correct you think ?