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Reply To: Traffic Balancing


Hi Dear Pix,

Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for your answers, but i would like to have more 🙂

Now i got your formula it is:

“CRO(cell 1) = (HOMARGIN(cell 1,cell 2) / 2) – (HOMARGIN(cell 2,cell 1) / 2)”

you misstyped the “-” sign.

I have a confusion, regarding this, why in idle mode the CRO difference is half the HO Margin difference in dedicated mode? will it not cause HO just after call set up? I mean if we use CRO = the difference of HO margin, would it not better?

Secondly if we enable Cell reselection PI only in cells where we r using non zero CRO(e.g 1800 cells), and not enabled in cells where we r using CRO=0 (e.g 900 cells) will there be any disadvantage? as in this case change of CRO value in (1800 cell) effects the traffic. But recently i have enabled Cell reselection PI in both layers(900 and 1800) in some cells and i can see the change in traffic trend (more in 1800), can you explain?

Another point: it is recommended to have same BCC and TSC, can you tell me of any advantages/disadvantages and effects?

I have tried to be clear, but if iam not kindly let me know.

Thanks a lot once again.