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Reply To: Traffic Balancing


Hi Dear Pix,

First regarding the rule you mention,
“HO MARGIN (cell 1, cell2) + HO MARGIN (cell 2, cell 1) = 10 dB”

Is this mandatory to folloew this rule? and 10dB is vendor specific or its your recommendation, because we are using 12dB?

and if we follow this rule then according to your second rule
“CRO(cell 1) = (HOMARGIN(cell 1,cell 2) / 2) + (HOMARGIN(cell 2,cell 1) / 2) = 10/2 + 0/2 = 5 dB

CRO(cell 2) = 0 dB”

value of CRO(cell 1) will always be same 1.e. 5dB and how did you calculated CRO(cell 2)? e.g. if we use, HO MARGIN 1–>2 = 6dB
and HO MARGIN 2–>1 = 4 dB
(following your first rule), what will be CRO (cell 2)?

another point: if we use different values of “rxLevelAccessMin” and “msTxPowerMaxCCH” for different cells, will the crieteria for calculating CRO be same?

Thanks in advance.