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Reply To: Traffic Balancing


what do you mean, same rxlev ?
the rxlev(cell 1) = rxlev(cell 2) only in some areas of your stadium. Most of the time, in one place of the stadium, one cell will have greater RXLEV than the other cell…

UNLESS… both antennas are located at the same point 🙂

In this latter case (colocated sites, or almost colocated), you must use a “capture condition”, based solely on the rx level of the neighbor cell. It is not defined in the 3GPP standard, but i’m certain your equipement vendor has implemented it in its system.

i.e., while in cell s :

if rxlev (cell n) > threshold –> HO from cell s to cell n.

of course, to prevent going back to cell s with a better cell condition, you have to deactivate the PBGT HO from cell N to cell S.

Good luck !