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Reply To: SD Failure please help


Hi All;
there will be no changes in timing advance because in the phantom RACH phenomena the problem is in MS (not the BTS) which not recognize the served BCCH/BASIC cell but will recognize anothere BCCH/BASIC cell with different LAC and also the down tilting is not solution because it will affect the coverage area and also will not solve the problem and i traied to minimize the RX level access but also it didn’t solve the problem, the only solution is to make a new BASIC/BCCH plan,,,,,,, i am facing now a new phenomena which is phone RACH, phone RACH is caused due to faulty mobile hand set which goes into loop, mobile request RACH and after that the BTS give the SDCCH and wait for ack. but the mobile didn’t respond and begin to request RACH once again, this phenomen affects THE sdcchs POOL and cause SDCCH blocking, it may be related to location update and may not so call setup decreased, the only solution i have till now is to reset the site!!! but it is not a solution.