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Reply To: cells without SDCCH



Thanks for the answer. I understood you’re using this on your Ericsson network ? Does it create too much signalling load on the BCCH ? I’d be interested to see the messages/procedures schematics of such a call setup…


Excessive timing advance, and no neighbor ? Your problem shouldn’t be excessive TA, but rather : “Subscribers that are very far away manage to connect to this cell, and they have a very poor call quality. Such a situation degrades the QoS for this cell (high call drop, low cssr…).”

Well, you can simply set a TA threshold. For instance, TA_LIMIT = 20 … Subscribers after 10km ( = 20 TA / 0.55 km) will not see this cell anymore, therefore they can’t make calls on this cell.

BUT keep in mind that if you reduce the TA limit, you’ll reduce the amount of subscribers that can use this site. In other words, you’ll remove network coverage from a certain populated area. This can have a bad influence on your operator’s image.

Another solution : increase the RXLEV_ACCESS_MIN, from -106dBm to -100dBm and observe the impact. This will filter out all the subscribers that don’t have a RX_LEV strong enough. I prefer this solution, because you don’t limit the cell geographically.

Good luck,