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Reply To: Nokia Alarm combination


it is not important alarm but there is extract of NED:

The system has blocked the radio time slot because the call
control has failed a number of times in the activation of
a traffic channel.
Supplementary information fields
1 Type of the channel whose TCH activation failed
The channel type can be “TCH” , “SDCCH” or “Packet Data TCH”.
The number value “0” indicates “TCH”, “1” indicates “SDCCH”
and “2” indicates “PDTCH” (Packet Data Traffic TCH).
if the failure type is “PDTCH”, the alarm is cancelled automatically
by the system, when no more failure indications are observed

if the channel type is “TCH” or “SDCCH”, cancel the alarm with the MML
command EOR. Deblock the radio time slot by first aligning the TRX
in question with the command ERS and then removing the alignment
of the TRX
If the channel type is “TCH” or “SDCCH”, cancel the alarm with a command
before taking the steps described in the INSTRUCTIONS, if the alarm has
not been cancelled before. See instructions on base transceiver station
alarms handling.