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Reply To: Reasons for low ASR and CSR


call answer to seizure ratio…

i’ve no idea what it means 🙂 is it comparable to call setup success rate (which is (100% – sdcch drop rate) x (100% – tch assignment failure rate) ) ?

regarding the CSR, possible problems are due to :
1 – poor radio quality on the sdcch channel (poor coverage, interference, trx hardware failure or signalling link issues)
2 – poor radio quality during the tch assignment phase (usually linked to hardware problem on a trx)
3 – all tch channels are already occupied (tch congestion)
4 – operation / maintenance activities on the cell (reset / lock / …)
5 – Abis failures
6 – call drop rate due to poor coverage during the call
7 – call drop rate due to failure during a handover