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Reply To: CDMA GSM comparison


I am working in a GSM Operator.Now, we are facing severe Interference problem (100% interference in TCI 5 band) for another CDMA operator. The sporious signal of the CDMA operator frequency band (880 MHz to 890 MHz downlink) enter in our Band ( 890 MHz to 895 MHz uplink). The energy level of the CDMA operator spourious signal at 890 MHz is about -68 dBm and the average power of their Interfacing signal encroach the our band is abput -76 dBm, which should be less than -110 dBm. Please help us by giving some technical solution that can help us to convince the CDMA Operator and BTRC(Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) to take necessary action for preventing the problem.

Thanks and Regards