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Reply To: Dynamic Abis dimensionning [edge]


hi pix,

thanks for the reply it was enlightening but I have a few more questions:

1. where do I get to check that the trx are edge capable because we just migrated to B9 and we want to activate the edge for commercial use?

2. is it automatic that if we migrate to B9 all trx will be edge capable or these will only be on sites with twin trxs? what’s the difference between twin and regular trx?

3. like I said for commercial use what would be the safe number of extra_ts to be defined in order to ensure good throughput somebody told me to define at least 2 extra_ts? I know it depends on the traffic but initially I do have to define some extra_ts right? and these should be define on all the cells of edge capable trx?

4. these extra_ts, are they dependent on the abis capacity of the network? what if we dont have enough capacity on the abis?

5. lastly, what are the important KPIs that I need to check for EGPRS so I would know if the performance is good or not? what are the indicators that I must monitor to ensure that our Edge network is ok.

I am new to this Edge/GPRS technology so I have a lot of questions and believe me once it gets operational I will have a bundle. Thank you so much!