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Reply To: CDU and RBS Types in Ericsson


I was, but through a UK agent.. but now I am a contractor.


types of RBS? there are lots of.. and differ through technologies, capacities, etc.

the old RBS200 which is an indoor for 2G or GSM networks, next is RBS2000 for 2G also like RBS2101/2102/2103/2106/2107/2109/2202/2206/2207/2308… the first digit 2 means for 2nd generation, secon digit 1 means its an outdoor equipment if 2 means indoor and if 3 means what they call MAXITE for indoor coverage or picocell, the last two digit is for the capacity, usually denotes the number of TRU boards in the cabinet for 02 means 6 TRUs, 06 for 12 TRUs or 6 dTRUs.. 07 means 3 dTRU.. for the others… i am not sure.. because I haven’t handled yet.. for the new one 2216 or 2116 its 6dRUs = combination of dTRU and CDU.