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Reply To: CDU and RBS Types in Ericsson


Adittionaly(fom official E/// info):

CDU – Combining and Distribution Unit
The CDU is the interface between the transceivers and the antenna system.
All signals are filtered before transmission and after reception by means of
bandpass filters. The CDU allows several dTRUs to share antennas. There
are a maximum of three CDUs in one RBS 2106.
The CDU combines transmitted signals from several transceivers, and
distributes the received signal to several transceivers. The CDU is
hardware-prepared to support EDGE. Two different CDU types are used in the
RBS 2106 to support all configurations:
• CDU-F is a filter combiner intended for high capacity solutions.
• CDU-G can be configured either for high capacity or for high coverage. It is
a combiner that can be used for synthesizer hopping.
Number of units: 1 – 3