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Reply To: Adjusting Power Control Parameters (New)


try not to use arithmetical symbol, but “greater than” or “lower than” ? Maybe the symbols are misunterpreted by the server.

power control is based solely on RxLev and RxQual.
1- If too low RxLev AND RxQual within acceptable range
then increase Tx Level
2- If too high RxLev AND too good RxQual
then reduce Tx Level
3- If too poor RxQual AND (Rxlev within range or RxLev too high)
then increase Tx Level
4- If too poor RxQual AND too low RxLev
then increase Tx Level

It’s all very logical. RxQual has priority, so if RxQual is too poor, the Tx level will increase, even if the RxLev is too high already (that’s a typical interference case).

Here are the main parameters:

DL Upper RxLev Limit = -75dBm
DL Lower RxLev Limit = -85dBm
DL Upper RxQual Limit = 1
DL Lower RxQual Limit = 4

UL Upper RxLev Limit = -85dBm
UL Lower RxLev Limit = -95dBm
UL Upper RxQual Limit = 1
UL Lower RxQual Limit = 4

Check also the average window times (should be half the current emergency HO window size).