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Reply To: KPIs for mobile core network


hello all

samy can you explain to me why we check Answer ratio(%) although we consider it as KPI related to subscribers behaivor.

Ayat Shabash (Core Network Engineer Group (Telecoms)) posted: I have notice that a lot of docs and references on the internet are taking about the Answer seizure ratio(%) as a main KPI that should be monitor and the standard value between 40 -45 %,
in my case it is between 25 % to 40%, but I think it related to subscribers behavior
That is why we accept >50% of the calls not answer.

Could you explain to me maybe there is something that I cannot got it

for your network min answer ratio(%) =50%

it loooks like good

why we accept > 50% no answer calls
why we set it as a main KPIs ???