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Reply To: Average traffic per subscriber


Hello Nisha,

“detect the revenue leakage points in telecom softwares”

What do you mean ? Can you give us an example of a typical “leakage point” ?

I will take a guess anyway, and tell you that you can calculate how much it costs for the operator o loose a certain amount of traffic.

For instance, if you can calculate that an operator is loosing 100 erlangs per day (due to “leakage”), then you’re able to convert 100 erlangs in actual money.

If one subscriber pays 10 cents per minute (in average), then the computation is simple :
100 erlangs
= 100 erlangs x 24 hours/day x 60 minutes/hour x 0.10 $ /minute
= 14 400 $ / day.

Simple way to demonstrate that the cost of your software can be refund in few weeks. (i don’t think operators loose 100 erlangs / day !!! )