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Reply To: reasons for tch drop rate



You have three main possible cases for TCH seizures failures:

– Congestion of TCH channels
– Poor radio quality (interference, poor coverage or TRX / Combiner hardware issues)
– Abis link failures / BSC failures

Because you have about 50% failure and you’re saying there is no congestion, I would assume it is probably a hardware issue.

You could check those points first :

– interference (intra-site, intra-cell ?). Try changing the frequencies.
– hardware (reset all TRE. If still failures : lock all TRE except one, and test all the TRE one by one this way. Finally, exhange the combiner…)
– Abis link availability and quality

Note : you have a very high amount of call drops also, isn’t it ?
What is your average call duration ? (= mean holding time)