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Reply To: Two antennas Placement


I want to install two BTSs at one site. One BTS is an 900MZH and the other is 1800MHZ. I don’t have dual band antennas so I have to install for every BTS 3 sectored antennas, to cover the 360 degree. So how do I have to place the antennas? Is this true that it is better to place the 900MHZ antenna on the top, and the 1800mhz antenna 1.5m lower than the 900mhz. is there any a recommended distance between two the three sectored antennas within one BTS? I have a single thin pole but is is very strong, connecting all the tree antennas of a single bts will bring each antennas 5 cm close to one another? Can this create a problem
Any ideas please