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Reply To: Synchronization clock problems


My be i m not getting the point here, but if the two BTS are not synchronized, then how would an handover take place. coz IS-95 imposes 3us/day limit for frequency inaccuracies.

We know that MS in CDMA may/may not be served by more than on BTS.

1. How much likely it is, that the MS is served by one BTS only at perticular time instant? This may be the case when MS is located in an area, which is covered by one BTS only, not overlapped with some other BTS’s coverage area?

2. What if that lone serving BTS goes out-of sync with that network. Although this could be detected by the concerned MSC readily, but what would it do to bring BTS back in sync? and what would happen to those MS served only by this BTS?

3. What would happen, when this MS goes neal coverage area boundary, it would try to acquire new pilot? would it be able to do so, as the BTS which is already serving that MS is out of sync with the network?