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Reply To: GSW capacity in dx200


there are total 90 ckts. from 24 hr observation it is showig 30.4 Erl.

if i am not wrong, it simply means that out of this 90 ckts, 30.4 ckts are busy for that perticular hr.

but the real thing may be different. how it can be different that i am trying to explain below.

suppose you are talking about 2 ckts. if for 1 hr, you get traffic of 1 Erl, it mean that 1 ckt was busy for that perticular 1 hr. but this also can happen that 2 ckts were busy for half an hr. when 2 ckts busy for 0.5 hr, they also generate 1 Erl traffic.

i hope it will ans your Q. if you have any other Q, kindaly let me konw..

please can any one give ans of my basic Q about the capacity of GSW in nokia MSC dx-200??

thanks n regards,