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Reply To: sae in ERICSSON

Wallis Dudhnath

Some answers to the questions for SAE – Size Alteration Events.

SAE allows a buffer to be setup by configuring a specific software block with a “Number of Individuals”. This helps to assign a set of resources to a software block. There are over a thousand SAEs that can be set and configured using Man Machine Language – MML commands.

To set the SAE value you will need to use ALEX for your current Application System (AS) software (Application Modules, XSS, RMP, etc..) and the Processor (APZ).

From ALEX you will need to look at the CODS (Command Description) and the Operational Instruction. There is also a guideline document that recommends typical settings for the SAEs.

If we look at TCS you have the following blocks: RE, REIAA, REIBA, PREA, REICH, DA, etc.. From ALEX you can check the SAEs that are associated with the above blocks.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath