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Reply To: RBS/BSC Ericsson


High No. of System RAB Release on Ericsson UMTS Node B-3206

-We are seeing high # of system RAB release on a sector (say sector B) (1900 MHZ)but could not find any issue interms of antenna system VSWR, no hardware alarms, no TMA faults, changed TX and RAX boards still the same issue.The sector has dedicated coax lines for only one carrier UMTS system.Also, tried changing Scrambling code but no impact…

As sector B was an issue but other two are fine so we swap hardline coax of sector B and connected to the Node B hardware connection at the port of sector C and the problem is preety much fixed at the same time there is no high no. of system RAB release on other sector from where we swap with (sector C).The cable and TMAs lines were checked from top to the bottom and there is no crossed any where !!

After two days later we put hardware connection with the correct coax lines and antenna then problem started seeing again, so still we are having this issue…Any suggestions or comments are greately appreciated.