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Reply To: Calculating E1s and Bandwidth


jood, yes, you right, the minimum amount of TS on A-bis is 24. every TRX need own LAPD link, you may put LAPD link inside traffic channel allocation of that TRX, so 2 bits on A-bis will not be used for traffic, so 1 TS on Air interface also can’t be allocated for traffic, you may put BCCH on that TS on Air int.(if it’s BCCH TRX), or you may put SDCCH . Also Base Station needs O&M link which also allocate at least 2 bits on A-bis, you may alos put it inside traffic channel allocation of some TRX, so 1 TS on Air int will not be allocated for traffic…. but of cource you may put all LAPD links and O&M link on separate TS on Abis, so BS with 12 TRX will need at least 27 TS + 1/4 TS