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Reply To: BSC assigns voice circuits on A?


to Mohsin – BSSMAP GSM 08.08

to Oliver
If I understood coretly – you wrote that Nokia BSC supports allocation of A CIC. I such case A CIC does not have to be allocated by MSC and can be allocated by BSC. It is not clear to me why it implies faster call setup???
It is not clear to me “an erase hunting group” – what does it mean.
Have you ever seen A CIC allocation by BSC in practice?
And what about change circuit procedure? I can imagine practical ussage eg. when A CICs are allocated by BSC and from MSC side you want to block some PCM E1 on which some active call are running. Prior blocking you can reallocate CIC to other E1 PCM by change circuit procedure… Do you have any other idea for what this procedure can be useful? Have you ever seen it in practice?