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Reply To: How to insert call duration beeps

Wallis Dudhnath

With AXE10 it is possible to insert periodic “beeps” with several hacks (customisation) that will
involve Traffic Control, Signalling and the Announcement Machines (AST-DR V3, etc..).

A better way will be to use an IN – Intelligent Network – application. The CS1+ protocol can be
used to “inject” an announcement or a supervisory signal (e.g. beep tone) to the calling party.

The advantage is that you have a centalised application that can be hosted by the SCP platform.
Announcement machines can be used with the AXE10 switch. Customers will need to be “service marked” with
the IN “beep” service.

Note that for Prepaid, CAMEL Phase2 supports the sending of an audio beep. This is used as call “tear down”

signal and is used when there is insufficient Prepaid funds on the account.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath