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Reply To: ALCATEL RNO tool


Hi hercules,
thank alot for your reply. I would like to know following issue for about our Alcatel network:
1. we use Alcatel BSS v6.2 and RNO 2.1 and how i can obtain RACH request numbers and RACH success numbers for a cell from RNO or OMC ?
2. How i can get BSC Processor Load at BSC BH or daily average ?
3. i already know where all counters data files located at OMC and i know that i should analyse the max TCH traffic data occured at which hour. So i will get BH for subject cell. i need to learn cell BH by this method because RNO could not give us the BH for a cell, even whole network. i need more info about your previous reply that database you mentioned to solve my problem. Now, i am triying to understand OMC counter files (about GSM and GPRS). How i can create this database, where it be create, what it should be?. Is there any flat files at OMC, collecting counters data about BSC?. i mean how i can get BH data for a BSC, by calculating or by from a ready flat file directly? i would like to have a sample for this project? Can you send me some examples?…

I wanted to send you some flat file about counters data that i obtained from OMC but i dont know your email address. May be it can help you more to understand me.

Sorry my bad English..