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Reply To: BTS


Hi Vetri. If u have “gclk calibration request” alarms. These are what u have to do :
1. Check the quality of transmission link (mms port) where gclk used it as its clock source reference. Make sure the quality is good.
2. type disp_gclk_avgs (i forgot) to find out the quality of the clock. the value should near to 80 (Hex). If it’s not, try to clear_gclk_avgs first. Every half hour, the value will be updated again. Monitor it. It could be your indicator whether your clock source is good or the gclk is broken.
3. If u have perform step 1 and 2, and the problem still appear, try to calibrate the GCLK. Be careful with this. If something unsual happen, the BSC often reset by itself. Usually u have to do this at midnight.
4. After GCLK calibration, try to monitor its value again. If it appear again, try to replace the GCLK.