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Reply To: C/C++ to Erlang convert



I’m pleased to get to know you, as you are from a neighbour country, in the same field. Please find my answers to your questions below.

>>Now you say “Erlang was banned >>within Ericsson ” !!!

>>Is this from a reliable >>source ??

Yes, this is from reliable source. But at the same time Ericsson has mentioned it’s because they’re finding it’s difficult to maintain a programming language (not their business). Also some says it’s bacause Ericsson has moved away from Software development to Software consuming (outsource).

>>2. Usually multinational >>cmpanies support lot of >>development from Universities >>and small indpendent developers.

I’m worried if it’s only university and research support that Erlang gets. Without actual commercial support to the language development, it’ll be slow, unless many developer start to use it.

>>3. C , C++ , Linux, Multi >>processor architectures on PCI >>bus is the best bet.

Same here. But with C/C++, development time to greater and a lot of time is used by code debugging.

>>Are you from univ ?
>>Telecom industry ?

I did a B.Sc. Engineering at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Now working at a company called WaveNET. Yes, we developed VAS platforms to telecom industry.

>>Telecom market is tough to >>penetrate.

It definitely is. But worth trying. Currently we’re getting a pretty good recognition from telco operators, specially in Sri Lanka.

>>6. I am working on IEEE 802.11 a,b,g architectures.

That’s really good to hear. Actually we’re looking for possible mobile communication (limited area) on Wifi. May be you might be able to help us.

Thanks & Regards,