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Reply To: C/C++ to Erlang convert


Hi Eranga,

1. I saw Ericsson site and down loaded the support docs. It’s a good environment. I am new to this. But my first reading says its really good.

Now you say “Erlang was banned within Ericsson ” !!!

Is this from a reliable source ??

2. Usually multinational companies support lot of development from Universities and small indpendent developers.

They invest a lot as they need results.

3. C , C++ , Linux, Multi processor architectures on PCI bus is the best bet. Proven technology in telecom and going to stay. I would like to choose that only.

Are you from univ ?
Telecom industry ?

5. I live in India.
Telecom market is tough to penetrate.
6. I am working on IEEE 802.11 a,b,g architectures. In the process of writing design specifications for the products. My work will be on
IP addressing scheme,
PCI bus, Controllera, assembly , c, c++ code for optimim routers in the wireless data ( vice, Images, nideo & data )world.

I also intend to work on the back planes and PCI plug in cards for telecom in the back bone routers.

My we can exchange some views and
take the products to some logical end.